Interview with Chess GrandMaster

Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand in conversation with Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems. 

Key takeaways:

  1. Everything starts with a dream:

Vishy had a dream to be a Grandmaster, but every time he obsessed for it, he lost by a very few points. But when he just played and enjoyed the journey, he got better. 

  1. Keep Pushing:

Reframe your goals to conquer new ones. Once you are done with your existing goals, it’s time to reframe them. 

  1. Experiment when successful: 

When you have success all around, it’s time to experiment. Try new things. 

  1. Don’t stick with what works:

Sometimes you feel that one move/one product works, and you stick with it. It pays when you take risks and do something out of the comfort zone. 

  1. Positioning yourself:

In the game of chess or business, your position matters. Positioning yourself with yourself with your game/life is important. 

  1. Managing Distractions

Sometimes it’s helpful to give in the distractions. It creates a good change. 

  1. Working: 

Identify the right way of working. Identify the people who can help you. Pick people who are better at different things than you. You will get different perspectives for the same problem. 

  1. Networking:

Networking can help. People can point you in different directions. Let people contradict you. It forces you to question your assumptions. 

  1. Decisions:

Think logical positions. Make an objective move. Break it into chunks. 

  1. Put Past Behind:

The move has been done, don’t get angry at yourself now. There will be time for it later. Play position in front of you. Accept the new reality. Get over your emotions. Be aware of your emotions. Opponent is watching it. 

  1. Simulate:

Simulate decisions/positions. Be aware of what goes wrong. 

  1.  Learn New Stuff:

 Always learn new stuff. But keep revisiting the old stuff. Unlearn what you don’t require. 

  1. Focus:

Focus is very important. You will do your best work when fully immersed in it. 

  1. New Frame of Mind:

Sometimes, you need a new frame of mind. That happens because your brain is bored but not tired. Excite your brain by trying something new. Be curious

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