Online Chess Training – FREE

BlitzKidz brings to you FREE online chess training! This training session consists of a large number of videos and assignments for ALL Chess playing levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced!
And whats better… its OPEN to everyone absolutely FREE of cost!
So go ahead and put your Chess caps on!

Videos link:

DOWNLOAD THE BELOW ASSIGNMENT FILES: In case we have any space issues, these files will be deleted to upload new ones. 


Beginner Assignments:

Week 1: Find the 1 move to check mate the Black king : chess-matein1

Week 2 to 10 (2-3 pages per week): Find the checkmate in 1 move

Intermediate Assignments:

Week 1: chess-matein2 ; Yellowbook-Level-1-tactics

Week 2 to 10 (2-3 pages per week): Orange Book (tactics)